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Good morning everyone! I'm sitting here at my computer on a Saturday morning scrolling through content on my social media platforms (big surprise there๐Ÿ˜‰). Without a supercross race tonight and not much local racing going on due to Easter ( The Wick 338 Motocross does have Loretta's qualifiers today and NCSC Motocross is running an Easter Sunday race- please check their FB pages before heading out for status updates) I feel like I'm having 2 wheel withdrawals! John Gaumond had an awesome post last night in regards to laughing at ourselves for having a "motorcycle problem". You know, to the outside world that may be the way it looks....we know that they have the problem though. You see, we know some things that non riders don't. We know the therapeutic value that motorcycles give us. How they can get our brains back in line when we are stressed out or challenged by what life throws at us. We also know how these 2 wheeled machines bring us together as a moto community. The passion for a "life behind bars" is really an incredible way to live. You don't choose it, it chooses you the first time you feel the rush of twisting a throttle and letting that clutch out. Possibly even the day you figured out how to rotate those pedals to keep forward momentum? Now, some of us are physically not able to ride any longer...just being a part of the moto family we are in and sharing stories, experiences, memories will have similar effects. It may even be the smell of bikes, the oil and gas burning, watching a talented rider do their thing, etc...so many different ways to enjoy and be a part of something special. So in reality, I like to think the rest of the world has that problem, not those of us who love motorcycles. This meme was shared to our group by Fred Shaw depicting a meeting of motorcycle addicts...I love this...I don't see it happening in a room though...it usually happens at a track ๐Ÿ I had gotten a fresh batch of logo stickers in last night and posted that update ensuring all who asked for a couple get them. When filling out the envelopes, I'm blown away by how far this movement (it really has turned into a movement) reaches. I have approximately 20 envelopes headed to the post office this morning to all areas of the country! There are even requests as far away as Australia and South Africa (still trying to help those people work with their local graphics companies)! This is really an awesome show of support for what started out as a funny hashtag I was using to document my own dirtbike adventures. Please, everyone dig through your photo albums and boxes of pictures and share them. Tell your own story...use #oldmenthatusedtorace #northeastmx and #itsjimsfault in your posts? Its a fun way to see how far we reach. For those of you who have asked about donating something towards stickers, activities, etc... I never will ask or expect anything but some of you are amazing people who are a part of this special community we have built and want to help out... I can message you my paypal address or my physical mailing address... catch me at the events too. The other way is through the teespring store I have set up. I have some basic shirts and coffee cup designs based on what people in the groups have asked for. I priced everything from $3-$5 over the true cost. Any profit goes directly to having more stickers made and stamps to send them. I have only sold a handful of the products there. There are items for Oldmenthatusedtorace, NorthEastMX and New York Dirt. I co-admin those pages and have help from them here with Oldmen. That storefront link is https://teespring.com/stores/oldmenthatusedtorace Thank you all for being a part of this incredible community and your support for the growing groups and pages representing us all! -JB71 ๐Ÿ #ride #supportyourlocaldealer #tuckerpowersports #protaper #answerracing #s4mx #6dhelmets #ronniesofbennington #newenglandriderscorner #murphette66pix #FHHT #ForAllThingsAudioVideo #zrthrottle #whenyourideholditwide #fcsuspension #thebestsuspensionperiod #slaterskins #wildassseats #dealershipfixit #jonesbroridas #warehammx #thewick338motocross #newyorkdirt #northeastmx #oldmenthatusedtorace #liveyourmotolife #itsjimsfault ... See MoreSee Less

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Fresh batch in....been writing out envelopes... we have awesome people all over the world following us. I have these heading out to WI,MN,NY,VA,WA,KY,ME,GA,IA,NJ.... if I can find a less expensive way to send them I have requests in Australia and South Africa too! I’m blown away by everyone’s support!! Thank you ๐Ÿ™ #oldmenthatusedtorace is so much bigger than we ever imagined it would be ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿ -JB71 #ride #supportyourlocaldealer #tuckerpowersports #ridetucker #protaper #answerracing #s4mx #6dhelmets #ronniesofbennington #murphette66pix #FHHT #ForAllThingsAudioVideo #zrthrottle #fcsuspension #thebestsuspensionperiod #slaterskins #oldmenthatusedtorace #northeastmx #warehammx #thewick338 #liveyourmotolife #itsjimsfault #supportyourlocaltrack #byaccidentproductions ... See MoreSee Less


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How do I get 2

Sent PM. Thanks for your effort. Great site.

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Ok guys and gals.... I have two passes for the NJ supercross next weekend! They are good for pit access all day and all night in addition to seating with industry people. These are passes for #oldmenthatusedtorace exclusively. Dave Drakes from The Collective Experience will have them at the supercross for whoever wins them. How about we post some “old school” stickers, tag your post with #itsjimsfault #njsx. I’ll search the hashtag and any oldschool sticker photo with that combo is an entry. The deadline will be Tuesday at 3pm... we will pull the winner out of a hat live during our broadcast of “The Last Lap” with myself and David Daylor from NorthEastMX that night. Once we determine a winner that will use the passes, I’ll put you in touch with Dave to coordinate getting them. This is a huge opportunity to rub elbows with riders, mechanics and all types of “industry” people at our only Supercross in the Northeast! Let’s have some fun!!! Sorry Dowdy, it automatically tagged you with face recognition๐Ÿค” -JB71 #northeastmx #oldmenthatusedtorace #itsjimsfault #njsx #ride ... See MoreSee Less

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